New documents give hope to Fannie shareholders seeking redress

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Don’t Cry for the Shareholders of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. by rcwhalen.. who formerly worked at the Fed of New York and now makes a living in the risk. The trouble here is that the Treasury is only accountable to Congress, not to the private shareholders seeking redress in the courts.

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 · July 19, 2017 marked the release of the first set of much-awaited government documents that addressed the government knew and when, before the implementation of its net worth sweep on August 17, 2012, which gave the government all profits from the operation of those two Government Sponsored Entities (gses) fannie mae and Freddie Mac.

New documents give hope to Fannie shareholders seeking redress Shareholders of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac say a trove of documents they have obtained bolsters their case that the government lied when it decided to take all of the mortgage companies’ profits.

People on the move: Dec. 15 SunTrust, BB&T could become CRE lending powerhouse in the Southeast New documents give hope to Fannie shareholders seeking redress Fannie markets more than $3 billion in distressed loans Fannie Mae also said it made $2.3 billion in dividend payments to the U.S. Treasury during the period, which reduces the amount it will be asking taxpayers for to $2.8 billion from.

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New filing in Fannie/Freddie Consolidated Class Action, click here to view. Peter Chapman writes, "FHFA, Fannie and Freddie delivered a reply in support of its partial reconsideration request to Judge Lamberth today, urging him again to dismiss the shareholder-plaintiffs’ implied covenant claims." New filing in Rop vs. FHFA, click here to.