Slowdown in housing market is helping landlords raise rents

To help you discover the best way to save on housing costs, we’ve put together the following tips on how to avoid a rent increase. Always pay rent on time, even early The better you are as a tenant, the more likely your landlord will avoid increasing your rent.

East Bay Landlord Hits Tenant Family with $2,000 Rent Increase  · Uncertainty over looming changes to rent laws in Albany has chilled the city’s multifamily market. But brokers, ever optimistic, see this as a temporary blip.

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Many economists expect the housing market will continue to slow. of landlords reporting tightening rental conditions on a seasonally-adjusted basis rose to its highest level in more than a year..

The U.S. housing slowdown is turning out to be a gift to apartment landlords. After all, those people who aren’t buying still need somewhere to live.. The U.S. housing slowdown is turning out to be a gift to apartment landlords.. Landlords Are Raising Rents in the U.S.

Slowdown in housing market is helping landlords raise rents loandepot to add 1,400 new jobs as tech efforts soar Homes more valuable in gay neighborhoods: Zillow

The U.S. housing slowdown is turning out to be a gift to apartment landlords. After all, those people who aren’t buying still need somewhere to. Flipboard: Slowdown in U.S. Housing Market Is Helping Landlords Raise Rents

5 Reasons Why You Should Raise the Rent [Updated 4/25/2016] While raising rent probably isn’t on any landlord’s list of fun ways to spend their day – given that tenants won’t exactly respond to the news with happy excitement- it’s a necessary part of property management.

When the number of housing units available at the lower end of a community’s housing market increases, growth in prices and rents slows. Evidence supporting this relationship can be found by comparing housing expenditures of low-income households living in California’s slow-growing coastal communities to those living in fast-growing communities elsewhere in the country.

For years, homeowners have come to expect that their property value will increase. But headlines predicting a housing slump are backed by figures that show a sustained slow-down of activity in the housing market and a dip in the rate of growth for house prices too. But could that also have a knock-on effect for rental prices?

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